व्याकरणम् is an easy guide to the लघुसिद्धांतकौमुदी of वरदराज , a traditional primer on the Sanskrit grammar, the अष्टाध्यायी of पाणिनि.

Each lesson follows the text of the लघुसिद्धांतकौमुदी.    For supplementary detail like अनुवृत्ति, अष्टाध्यायी-भाष्य-प्रथमावृत्ति of पं. ब्रह्मदत्त जिज्ञासु is used. 



5 Responses to About

  1. rohini says:

    Namaste! Do the discussions mentioned above take place online? Who can join and is there any charge?



    I wish to join in skype to learn L.S.K. can i?


  3. Kalivaradhan.K. says:

    Hari OM!

    I wish to learn from the lessons on Vyakaranam in your site. How do I go about it? Is there a login process? Where do I start, I mean the sequence of the lessons?

    Your guidance will go a long way in motivating Samskrita Abhimanees like me.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Srinivasa,
    Kudos to your effort in writing a Sanskrit blog. I’d love to have you contribute to the Sanskrit-Voice-Digest that we are in the process of making. Since I cannot find any email address to reach you, can you please mention your email address. I can then tell you more about the Digest project.

  5. Anant says:

    Can you tell me how can i Join this group to learn LSK.
    Is there a place you have everything listed chronologically so that I can download or go through in a sequence.
    I would appreciate your help

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